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We are here to help implement the natural care of the horse on all levels of their life. From Paddock Paradise to natural hoof care we can help you improve your horses’ life and health.

Our Story

Luke and Merrilea started just as most horse owners. Luke began early on wondering why his horse needed shoes. If his horse needed shoes and still had so many issues with all the “great” care he was giving him surely the wild horses must be in dire straits. Little did he know at the time all his “great” care was in fact the problem.

Meet the Team

Luke Tanner

Natural Hoof Care Practitioner, ISNHCP instructor and clinician

Luke began his career in Natural Hoof Care in 2003 when he removed the shoes of he and Merrilea’s horses in 2003. A friend where he boarded his horses kept his horses all barefoot and had mentioned you could go take a clinic with Jaime Jackson to learn how to properly trim the hoof. At the time the name Jaime Jackson meant nothing to Luke. But after a short search online it was clear Jaime was the guy to go to after seeing he had done the research on the wild horses in the great basin. Luke picked up a copy of The Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care by Jaime Jackson. After reading through multiple times and making notes off he went and pulled his horses shoes. Within 6 months both he and Merrilea’s horses were moving perfectly barefoot. It was then Luke knew he wanted to have a career with horses and that Natural Hoof Care would be the ticket.

Luke in currently a certified natural hoof care practitioner with the AANHCP and ISNHCP for whom he is and instructor and clinician. Luke also conducts horse owner informational clinics, natural diet consultations and Paddock Paradise consultation and design.

Read more of Luke’s story here.

Merrilea Tanner

Riding Instructor 

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